With care and strategic planning, we have achieved from the very first jar of toothpaste made, a product that involves absolutely zero waste. Most of our ingredients are selected with the premise that they can be used in a variety of our products. We also take a lot of time and precision to make sure the amounts we order match the exact quantities we desire to create, so nothing is wasted. 


All our packaging is plastic free. We use glass jars with aluminium lids both of which are widely recyclable. Our cardboard containers and product packaging are all certified biodegradable so can be composted. Our bamboo toothbrushes and spatulas which are sourced by FSC approved companies, are also biodegradable by nature.


Being zero waste is important to us so we have used compostable products and packaging wherever possible. This includes our cardboard containers and product packaging as well as our bamboo toothbrush handles and bamboo spatulas.


Every packaging material we use is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Our aluminium lids are sourced in the UK from the Metal Packaging Manufacturer Association, which, is supported by canfacts. These can be widely recycled alongside our glass jars, or once thoroughly rinse, can be kept and used for multiple purposes, including  handy little drinking class or food storage