All our products are made by hand with care and caution at our site in the UK. This means we are able to directly monitor ethical and environmental standards throughout our production processes and know exactly what ingredients are going into our products. We are also able to work closely with our suppliers to ensure our core values are maintained throughout. 


We pride ourselves on being transparent about the choices we've made when formulating our products. Our special Georganics blends are made from pure and natural ingredients which are all 100% food grade, you can find out more about what we use and where we source them from on ingredients we use page. There are also ingredients used in many mainstream oral care products that we choose to leave out of ours, find out more details about the ingredients we avoid.


We have built close relationships with all our suppliers and choose to work locally wherever we can. We choose our suppliers because they source and produce the best quality materials and ingredients in accordance with our commitment to our values and to you. We are always looking for ways we can work together to further develop our practices.   


Hand making all our products on site comes with a lot of responsibility, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our workers are able to operate with confidence in a safe environment. For more information, we are happy to provide our safety data sheets, which provides all the detail necessary when handling ingredients. Our manufacturing also follows the PETA Vegan and Cruelty-free standards, strictly operating without any testing of animals. Find out more about more on our vegan & cruelty-free page. We are also proud to talk about all the work we are doing to reduce our environmental impact from sourcing and production through to the disposal of the finished product. Find out more in our environmental responsibility and zero waste sections.