Natural vs synthetic

In oral care and cosmetic industry, there is still confusion surrounding the words 'natural', 'synthetic' and 'chemical'. From the purest of drinking water, the emissions vehicles produce, to the toothpaste we use daily, everything is made from chemicals. A chemical is nothing more than a substance that is used in or produced by a reaction involving atoms or molecules.


Synthetic chemicals are man-made compounds with a purpose to imitate natural chemicals. So even the term ‘natural’ carries with it many associations, and can, therefore, be ideally suited for misuse. We have chosen to omit synthetic chemicals from our products as we feel that they are unnecessary and can also be harmful both to the environment and when ingested. Find out more in our section ingredients we avoid.


For us, a truly natural product is a substance arising from a state produced by nature, without any interference of human processing. All of the ingredients we use in our products naturally derived. They are organic chemicals that occur in nature which have simply been refined, which means that nothing has changed its original chemical composition. Find out more in our sections ingredients we use.