Low impact

Georganics strongly believe in the reality and feasibility of a low impact living, that includes daily oral care. The company foundations are based on this premise, and we are dedicated to minimising any potential impact on the environment through our choice of materials and our practices.


We manufacture all of our consumable products in England at our site in Sussex and source most of our ingredients and packaging from the UK, avoiding unnecessary transportations wherever possible.


Every packaging we use is completely plastic-free, made from either 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials. We also use strategic planning during production to reduce waste. Find out more from our Zero Waste page.


All our ingredients are naturally derived which means that no pollutants are deposited in the mains water and sewage systems. That’s the beauty of creating a product that is synthetic free - what came naturally from the earth is able to return back to the earth with minimal impact.


Despite only being in operation for two years, we are already in the process of using renewable energy. Relative to our size we are proud of the level of renewable energy we use and strive to increase this as we grow.