9 Natural Oral Care Tips

Are you a fan of natural health and wary of conventional healthcare products that seem to be full of harsh chemicals and dubious toxins? If you are looking for tips to look after your oral health the natural way, we have 9 marvellous mouth care tips to help you.

Respect Your Teeth

First off, treat your teeth with the respect they deserve to keep them in the best possible condition. Under no circumstances should you use your teeth for cracking nuts, open bottles or other dangerous practices.

Drink Plenty of Water

A cheap and readily available way to rinse your mouth, water is the best substance to remove leftover particles of food from the oral cavity while stimulating saliva production. Don’t be tempted by flavoured waters or anything with added acid and/or sugar – they are not your teeth’s friends.

Drink Tea

Herbal tea, red, white or green tea are all good as a post dinner drink to cleanse the palate. Green tea has polyphenol compounds to inhibit bacterial growth. Black tea, on the other hand, tends to stain teeth though it will also help to fight plaque.

Avoid Acids

Food and drink with a high acid content can quickly wear away your tooth enamel, so should be consumed with care. That said, vitamin C tablets that you simply swallow will help to prevent gum disease and tooth loss.

Eat Crunchy Vegetables

If your toothbrush is not available, chomping on crunchy fruit and veg – carrots, celery, pineapples etc – will help to remove food debris and keep your saliva flowing. Just make sure that your chosen produce is alkaline rather than acid, and that bits won’t get stuck in your teeth.

Use Herbs and Spices

As a natural alternative to conventional mouthwashes, chew on fennel seeds, aniseed or cloves to help fight halitosis causing bacteria. Or try chewing on a few sprigs of fresh parsley, mint or coriander, as the chlorophyll in these plants helps to neutralise odours.

Salt Water Gargling

Make a salt water solution, ideally with Himalayan Crystal salt, in a concentration of 1 tsp salt in a large glass of water. Gargle whenever necessary to eliminate bacteria and bad breath from your mouth, throat and tonsils.

Oil Pulling

An ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedy, oil pulling is said to benefit oral heath by alleviating bad breath, reducing bacteria in the mouth, lowering sensitivity, and gently teeth whitening. Swish your mouth with a tsp of organic coconut oil for teeth for 20 minutes, then spit into the bin.

Tongue Scraping

Scrape your tongue each morning with a special tongue scraper implement (you can improvise with the back of a spoon to start with) to remove bacteria, fungi, dead cells that cause bad breath. Gently scrape the entire length of the tongue from back to front 2-3 times, rinsing each time.

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